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possession is 9/10ths of the law

and who is bringing the snacks?

Possessed: 'Supernatural' fanfic authors
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A haven for those who've found themselves unable to stop writing fic for the show Supernatural. Chat, look for betas, offer advice, bemoan the summer hiatus, fix the season finale, and do some research for whatever you're trying to write.

This community uses tags.

Please do not put reference and resource links in comments; give them their own posts!

The community uses both tags and memories to keep track of resource posts.

Non Reference tags include Admin (for mods use only), Discussion, Challenges, Reviews.

:::Please check the tag list FIRST and use one provided rather than making a new one.:::

There are three First Level Reference tags: Resources, Canon, and Fandom
Existing tags:

-american myths
-haunted places
-injuries (Basic medical resource only)
-languages (Sub tags: Latin, Navajo, etc.)
-non-american myths
-science (Weather, moon phases, etc.)
-state info

-Flashback facts
-Memorable Lines (Lines that actually reveal either fact or opinion.)
-People (Secondary characters, by episode, place, name and relationship to the boys)
-Places (all the places they go.)

-Archives (non-LJ)

Sample tags might be:

resources, religion
canon, people, pastor jim
fandom, betas

Feel free to leave suggestions in the COMMENT & SUGGESTIONS post.

Other comms you should visit:
spn_notkansas. That's right, Toto!
spn_bunnies. Start by snagging a plot bunny; research it here; then post your awesome fic at supernaturalfic or sn_fic or spn_gen or sn_slash.
We all needed this.